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OK so let’s talk about what to do when she stops texting you..

What To Do When She Stops Texting You

What To Do When She Stops Texting You

If she goes silent on you, sometimes the best way forward is to give her space. This allows you to maintain your cool, to consider your response, and allows her to miss you and consider her actions. It also allows you not to appear needy or emotionally volatile. You should never come across angry or hurt in your response to her.

That doesn’t mean never texting her again. It just means giving her a little time and space to consider her actions. This is incredible powerful and it allows you to leave the door open for recontacting using a ping message.

Examples of texts you can use when you do text her:

“Microphone check 1-2, 1-2 is this thing on? 😉

“We need to talk, I want a divorce. When can you sign the papers? 😉

Earth to Lisa.. Come in Lisa!

OR there are a couple of really cool memes you can send.



“Hey Lisa, you seem like a pretty interesting girl, despite the fact that you love ……., We should catch sometime” (challenge her tastes)

“and there was me thinking you were going to break the stereotype and text me first 😉 or are you not as much of a rebel as I thought? John (getting er to justify herself)

“Dear diary, met cute girl, but now she seems on mute”..

Note, you should also give her space when you are getting a negative response to asking for the date. Don’t accept second place. If you don’t get a firm yes when you ask for the date, assume it’s a no and that she is not that into you. It doesn’t mean give up, but you need to swap tactics.

  • When she sends you a message that doesn’t require a response, e.g. haha or great thanks..
  • If she doesn’t reply to you asking for the date
  • If her response to you asking for the date is flaky and or she makes an excuse and doesn’t offer another time to meet e.g. “I have to check my schedule” “I might be going to a birthday party” or “I’m busy”

In this case, act nonchalant and do not get angry.  You should pull away also- “Ok cool no problem ” or “ok rain check, mad busy over here too”.

What to do when she stops texting you and you have had a good communication so far?

So this is a scenario where you have had a good communication so far, things have been positive back and forth. Things are going well in general. The last text you sent was a good text, nothing wrong with it. You have no idea why she has gone silent. In this context you can send:

… (dot, dot, dot) or …? or ??

If you think about it, this is what you would text a friend, so that’s what you should send to her.

That says to her that you are entitled person and you believe that you deserve a response. That is high value. It can be scary to send it, but don’t be. It’s entitled and it shows you believe in yourself and she will respect that. Bear in mind that being entitled will not get you through texting error or a negative situation. This only works if you have had a positive response so far.

BUT, you should never be angry that she didn’t respond.