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In this blog post I want to talk about social capital. Social capital is everything in text.

What is social capital? You have a social bank account with everyone you meet. To explain it, I wan to use the example of a stranger walking up to you and asking for money. What will be your thoughts? He has done nothing for me. I don’t know him. First thing he is doing is asking for something from me. It makes you uncomfortable. And the expectation will be that if you are friends with them or continue to interact with them, they will continue making you uncomfortable and asking for things. The girl will think that he just wants things from me.

If you are fun, cool, positive, making jokes, telling interesting stories from your life, making her feel good emotions, and then very occasionally moving things forward and ask for things, only when you have established a relationship and she likes you, you will get a lot better response.

Any time you are asking for something from somebody, you are making a withdrawal from social capital. Once you are in the negative, that person doesn’t want anything to do with you.

So the key is to know what your social capital level is with any one particular person so you know what you can ask for. How racy a text can you send? Can you start making plans? Can you send a text that requires an answer?

Where are you at in terms of social capital.

Once you know that, you want to construct your message or your communication in such a way that it’s building social capital rather than destroying it.

Social bank account is everything.

Keep in mind at all times.

  • Where is social bank account now?
  • What amount of withdrawals can I make and at what speed?
  • What can I do to build that bank account?…