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The most important part of text game occurs even before you get the girls number. That is, having a good initial interaction with her. If you have a good initial interaction, you will have this massive momentum that will carry you through and you can almost break all the rules in text game and still be successful.

Having a solid interaction

Getting a solid number

If you had a bad first interaction, you have to be PERFECT in your text game to get her out, which is very hard to do. So you want things started on favourable terms and make everything else you do so much easier. You are much better off if you start things on a positive note.

If you have a text problem, then you have a number closing problem. You have a time-bridge or a closing problem. If you had a good number close, texting becomes easy because you have already described the who what why where when of the thing or event you are going to do together so texting becomes simple.

The mistake guys make is they put off game until texting, and want to deal with it in text. They want to get out of the interaction quickly, and text it up. In reality, you can’t fix anything in text that you messed up in person. You want to game it up in person not over text. 

You can’t save the date by text messaging. It’s not about sparking attraction through text. It can be done, but it will most likely be a fluke and not a strategy to use every time. It’s about having a solid interaction face to face (by solid I mean solid plan, not we should hang out). It has to be clear why you are getting the number. The text message has to be congruent with the reason you got the number in the first place so you are not texting about something unrelated.

Guys ask how to send nice images or videos to keep things interesting over text or make the girls laugh.

The reality is I don’t do any of that. I only text logistics of our next in person meet.

I think it is bad for seduction to try to do anything when you aren’t together (until you’ve been fucking 5+ times and are comfortable with each other). It seems like guys have some notion that “able to send good images / videos” will somehow attract a girl. I think this is a very misguided notion.

Girls are attracted to WHO YOU ARE, not what content you can find for them. You can’t make up a fictional personality, because it is never congruent (if it was it would just be your actual personality). She has an image of you that she formed IN PERSON. This IN PERSON image is 1000x stronger than any image you can project online.

Look at it this way…. if you spend 2 days with an absolutely gorgeous woman who is sexually into you… how much would her sending good videos matter to you? would she even have to stay in contact at all? Now take the flip side, let’s say there is an ugly / fat girl who you’ve already decided is fine as a friend, but no way you are fucking her…. does it matter what images / videos she sends? What could she possibly send you that would make change your mind one bit?

Guys think that by texting they can somehow make the girl see a different side of them. 

First impressions man. You can only change her opinion IN PERSON. Trying to change her mind by being needy sending a bunch of stuff just to keep conversation going or trying to show value is all PULL and no PUSH

They are concerned about personality, but you’ve already shown her your personality in person. Do you really think it would help to seem like two completely different people in person vs facebook? That is even worse because then you aren’t congruent

And this is also related to a girl who you got her number, but she is away in another city. Let me ask you… which of these scenarios sounds better: You’ve already had contact with this girl, so you wait until she visits again or you are in her city, and then you make some plans to get together and escalate in person. VS you bug her on facebook a bunch being all needy with her time, and then by the time she visits your city again, she’s already had enough and will actively avoid you? 

Go focus on hundreds of other women in that time, and then when you see her in 6months – 1year, perhaps you’ll be a more attractive confident guy and can make things work with her! Focus on girls around you that are available and are into you! Make your life easy.

Let’s Talk About Making a number solid

Stay 5 Minutes After You Get The Number

The first thing you can do to make the number solid is to show the girl that you care about getting to know her and one of the best ways to do that is to stay 5 minutes past the time that you actually exchange numbers. Don’t be the phone number bandit. Otherwise it wont convey a lot of comfort to the girl that you really enjoy hanging out with her. If you stay longer, it conveys that you enjoy each others company. It’s more genuine.

Before you get the number, you are essentially strangers. Once you get the number, you are hanging out under the premise that you like each other and want to meet up again. Those next 5 minutes after you’ve got the number therefore are 5 minutes where you’re already dating and to know each other under a comfortable, positive, loving premise. The 5 minutes after are magnified in importance compared to the time before it. So spend time afterwards (exception – if she is in a hurry and that’s why you got the number – this will just annoy her and make her uncomfortable and show that you are not calibrated).

So this will make a tremendous difference to her following up with you via text.

Show Her She Is Special

The next thing you can do to make a girl follow up with you via text is to show her she is actually special in the interaction.

A girl will give you the number the number because she is attracted to you. But she will come hang out with you on a date if she is comfortable and safe about doing so. If she feels like you would pick up any girl and treat them all the same and that you are just in it for the sex, she is not going to feel very comfortable and safe.

So qualifying the girl, showing her ligitimate reasons why you like her or ideally having her show you legitimate reasons why you should like her and sort of agreeing to it.

E.g. you like intelligent girls: So you can ask her what she studied in college or something. “oh that’s really cool, I’m fascinated by that. you know what I thought you were going to be this ditsy girl, but you are actually quite educated and can think for yourself and I appreciate that”.

So you are asking a qualifying question that made her jump through a hoop and prover herself to you. The fact that you care and have standards says I’m a high value guy. The fact that she answered says that she is investing in the conversation and she cares as well. The fact that I recognise something cool about her means when I text her later, it’s for a genuine reason and not just because I want to get her into bed.

So show her reasons you like her or better, asking her reasons you should like her, and getting her to commit and invest.

Get Your Number Saved In Her Phone

The next thing you can do is to make sure your number is saved in her phone. One way to do this is to enter your phone number in her phone and text yourself or text her your name right there and then.

It’s better when she knows who you are when you text her. Strike whilst the iron is hot, and get the number in her phone. So she knows who you are. She recognises you as someone she has a habit of texting with. You put yourself as someone in the category of guys she she texts back. This is very critical to do and I cannot overstate how important it is.

Establish A Premise.

Final thing you can do to make text game go smoother is to establish the premise that you are going to hang out. i.e. you established the premise that you got the number to go on a date. If not, it will be unclear -are you friends? is it romantic?

“hey, so I’m really enjoying talking to you, we should grab a drink and hang out sometime.” She says yeah “cool what’s your number?”.

Now we both know that the number is intended for making plans. You are both on the same page and it will make making plans a lot easier. If she is not sure of your intentions or you just haven’t broached the subject, then that’s one more topic/sale you need to address in order to get her out. So if you can establish it in person, it’s better. In person communication is better than text communication. Anything you can handle in person, you want to handle in person. So the time to do it is there when she is feeling good about the interaction, is emotionally aroused etc.